Three Stories

When I first read The Bamboo Grove I thought it was right up my alley because it was a murder mystery. Also, I LOVED the hint of  mystery at the end when the author left it open for the reader to decide what really happened. It saves the reader from having to criticize the ending and also saves the author from a whole lot of hate mail from disappointed readers. Now, back to the story itself, I don’t quite know who to believe. I kinda am leaning towards believing the dead husband because you know, he’s dead. What else does he have to lose? But then again I also am leaning towards believing the bandit because he’s already been arrested and he confessed to the crime.

I found the Ice Man more relatable than any of the others. When I thought about it I guess I considered the ice man more of a normal man who was emotionally distant from the people and the world around him. In other words he was metaphorically ‘cold’. It also reminded me of the typical ‘girl meets boy’ story where the girl falls head over heels for a guy that she doesn’t even know anything about, then realized he isn’t the man that she had made up in her head.

I found The Rememberer completely bazar when it came down to the actual words but I could see what I think the author was trying to say about the man in the story. It seems like he was one of those guys that’s always ‘hot and cold’. His mood changes so much that it’s impossible to know exactly what he will be like one moment to the next.

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